About the Essential Math Skills Course

This course covers all of the math skills you need to know for both the Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement sections of the ISEE. Each video lesson will teach essential skills and review test questions involving that skill. Lessons are followed by practice questions with explanations. With this course, you can also contact the teacher at any time for additional explanations or answers to your questions!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2


  • 3


    • Substitutions

    • Practice Substitutions

    • Combining Like Terms

    • Practice Combining Like Terms

    • Algebraic Equations

    • Practice Algebraic Equations

    • Algebraic Inequalities

    • Practice Algebraic Inequalities

    • Advanced Algebraic Expressions and Equations

    • Practice Advanced Algebraic Expressions and Equations

    • Word Problems

    • Practice Word Problems with Algebra

    • Algebra Review

  • 4


    • Angles with Lines

    • Practice with Angles and Lines

    • Polygons

    • Practice with Polygons

    • Triangles

    • Practice with Triangles

    • Angles with Shapes and Similar Figures

    • Practice with Angles of Shapes and Similar Figures

    • Circles

    • Practice with Circles

    • 3-D Shapes

    • Practice with 3-D Shapes

    • Coordinate Planes

    • Practice with Coordinate Planes

    • Slope

    • Practice Slope

    • Geometry Review

  • 5

    Data and Probability

    • Charts and Graphs

    • Practice with Charts and Graphs

    • Mean, Median, Mode and Range

    • Practice with Mean, Median, Mode and Range

    • Probability and Combinations

    • Practice with Probability and Combinations

    • Data and Probability Review

  • 6

    Common and Tricky Question Types

    • Tricky Questions: Fraction Word Problems

    • Practice: Fraction Word Problems

    • Tricky Questions: Exponents and Roots

    • Practice: Exponents and Roots

    • Tricky Questions: Percents

    • Practice Percent Questions

    • Tricky Questions: Strange Symbols

    • Practice Strange Symbols

    • Tricky Questions: Cubes

    • Practice Cube Questions

    • Tricky Questions: Nets

    • Practice Net Questions

    • Tricky Question: New Mean

    • Tricky Questions: New Mean Practice

    • Additional Slope Review

    • Slope Practice

    • Additional Probability and Combination Review

    • Additional Practice with Probability and Combinations

  • 7

    Review Essential Math Skills

    • Practice Section with Algebra and Arithmetic Only - Standard Time

    • Practice Section with Algebra and Arithmetic Problems Only- Extended Time

    • Essential Math Skills Overview

    • Full Mathematics Achievement Section (47 questions, 40 minutes)

    • Before you go...

    • Score Your Mathematics Achievement Section

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