About the Verbal Reasoning Course

This course will teach you strategies and skills to master both parts of the Verbal Reasoning section. It will also help you improve your vocabulary with a categorical vocabulary list, Quizlet links, and instruction on strategies. Each video lesson will teach a key strategy and guide you through how to apply that skill to test questions. Lessons are followed by practice test questions with explanations. With this course, you can also contact the teacher at any time for additional explanations or answers to your questions!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • How to Use Your ISEE Course

    • ISEE Overview

    • Welcome Survey

  • 2

    Improve your Vocabulary

    • How to Study Vocabulary

    • ISEE Vocabulary by Category

    • Essential Prefixes

  • 3

    Strategies for Synonyms

  • 4

    Strategies for Sentence Completion

    • Strategy #1: Sentence Completion

    • Try it! - Sentence Completion Practice #1

    • Strategies #2 and #3: Sentence Completion

    • Try Strategies #2 and #3

    • Strategy #4

    • Try Strategy #4

  • 5

    Review Verbal Reasoning

    • Review All Verbal Reasoning Strategies

    • Full Verbal Reasoning Section (40 Questions, 20 Minutes)

    • Score Your Verbal Reasoning Section

    • Thank you!

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