Frequently Asked Questions

  • What level of the ISEE will I (or my child) be taking?

    Students applying for 5th and 6th grade will take the Lower Level test. Students applying for 7th and 8th grade will take the Middle Level test. Lastly, Students applying for 9th-12th grade will take the Upper Level test.

  • How does ISEE Academy work?

    ISEE Academy provides online courses to help students prepare for the ISEE. Each course includes video lessons followed by practice questions based on that lesson. Each course also includes a full-length practice section that the student can take at the end of the course. Students can easily navigate and complete these courses on their own.

  • How is ISEE Academy different from a standard test preparation book?

    The courses on ISEE Academy are much more student-friendly than test prep books. In addition, many of the strategies provided in these courses cannot be found in books. All of the content is created by experienced independent school educators and ISEE tutors who understand how to engage and teach adolescents.

  • Which course(s) should I take?

    We recommend that you take a practice test before starting to determine which sections of the test you need the most help with. The most accurate test to take is the one in the ERB ISEE Booklet. We offer courses for all sections of the test, so you can just take a few, or you can take all of them!

  • How much do the courses cost?

    Courses range from 60 to 120 dollars. The Essential Math Skills course is more expensive because it contains more lessons to review all essential skills for both math sections.

  • Do courses include one-on-one tutoring?

    To keep costs low, courses do not include tutoring sessions and are designed to be completed by the student without a tutor. However, we do provide tutoring by request. Please email for more information.