8 Questions and Answers About Taking the ISEE at Home

The remote test during Covid-19

On April 15th, the Educational Records Bureau announced that there will be an option to take the test online and at home due to the Covid- 19 outbreak. This is what you should know about this new version of the test:

1. Will I still have a proctor?

Yes! ERB will be using ProProctor™ to proctor the test. There will be a live monitor who will watch you by video as you take the test. 

2. How will the proctoring work? 

The proctor will have you verify your identity at the start of the test. You will then need to show the environment around you and show your pockets and sleeves. Once the test starts, the system will not let you access anything else on your computer or take any screenshots. You will not see the proctor during the test, but they will be watching so that they can make sure there are no integrity violations. 

3. Will the structure and length of the test be the same?

Yes! The time limits and the number of questions per section will not change for this version of the test. The online test will work the same way as those that had been given at Prometric Test Center. The computer software will show you a timer and allow you to navigate back and forth between the questions in the section you are completing. 

4. Are there any benefits of taking the test online? 

Yes! First off, you won't have to fill out that dreaded bubble sheet. This will save you time during the test and help you avoid making mistakes. Secondly, you will be able to type your essay. This is great news if you have messy handwriting and it will also make it easier for you to go back and edit. Lastly, if you practice with ISEE Academy courses, you will be used to seeing and answering test questions online. 

5. What types of devices will work for the test?

You can use any Windows or MacOS desktop or laptop computer. Tablets and smartphones will not work for the test. You can test your device for compatibility with this link. You will need to download an app to your device to take the test.

6. How can I register for a remote test?

Registration is coming soon! Once ERB launches it, parents can register online at iseeonline.erblearn.org.  Parents will need to select the ProProctor option when registering. The cost will be the same as the cost of the in-person test. 

7. Will schools accept scores from tests taken remotely?

Yes! Remote testing is the only option for most students right now. So, schools will still use these scores. The proctoring system will also help schools to know that these are valid and trustworthy scores.  

8. Will I still be able to use my approved accommodations?

Yes! If you register with approved accommodations, your proctor will be aware of these and your timer will reflect any extended time you may have.